Social Media Advertising

Your prospects are already talking about your product or services in the social space. With us, be sure you can participate in the conversation. We understands the importance of social media in a broader or little communications perspective, and its role in building meaningful customer relationships and of courses, brand loyalty. We can deliver strategic and targeted social media communications to those prospects already in desperate search/need of your offerings. Just on the go!

Digital Public Relations

Digital PR is the right way to go in order to build a reputation or brand identity in the digital space, including creating subliminal factors in the mind of your prospects. Your brand needs strong digital public relations to complement offline outputs. We will first understand the identity or reputation your brand needs to build, then determine the most suitable vendors to use in achieving this - we will help you create contents, and make sure that these contents are will disseminated to achieve the intended communication results.

Mobile & Email Marketing

Whether mobile advertising or Email Marketing, we have the right kind of Email database or Phone number database to keep your brand on the front-line. We leverage on this in the smartest ways to create that opportunity for your brand. We possess large database which can be used for targeted SMS or Email communications. We can also deploy other targeted mobile display ads through publisher's networks like Google AdWords, Eskimi Ads, Adorika and many more.

Social Media Influencer

At Dovichi Media, we understands the difference between reach and influence. Bloggers and influencers on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are increasingly important players in breaking news and shaping brand reputation. Over the years, they have built large loyal fan base which we leverage on to influence your brand penetration. Dovichi Media has a comprehensive list and relationship with top influencers and hypers, with well analyzed per-influencer level/capability of influence.

Online Advertising

We will study your brand, understand your marketing objectives and identify the best channels for your online advertising campaign. Our skilled media team manage and negotiate ad placements – ensuring your campaign reaches the right people and drives quality traffic to your digital properties. Whether you need a hard working mailer, an interactive banner, communicative audio-visual advert for your fixed banners/audio-visual banners, or PPC advertising, we will study, conceptualise, plan, design, buy, place, monitor and optimize your ads.

Content Marketing

To be a leader in content marketing you need to choose a content leader. We will help you create valuable contents and distribute these contents strategically to create and retain valuable audience for your business. Content is King! The right kind of brand related content brings the right kind of audience - and consumer loyalty. Dovichi Media has dedicated team which will put their hands on deck to determine and identify suitable contents for your content marketing - including carrying out competition analyses to understand the right way to go for your own brand.

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